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A professional website for just £500!

So what level of web design do you get for your money?

Your pro website will have all of these goodies!

A Responsive Website

OK, this is web design industry jargon, so what does it actually mean? It means your website will adapt its size and layout, whether on a phone, tablet or computer. At Ginormous Websites we make sure our websites are easy on the eye as well as easy to use.

Manage Your Own Content

You can add / edit your website’s content yourself, hand over to juniors while retaining final sign-off before publishing, or we can handle it all for you. You choose. *

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We’ll give your website the Ginormous Websites SEO treatment (the non pay for ads type and most important) so that your site can start ranking on the major search engines.


Web design is more than building a great website, you also have to think about where it’s going to live. We will host your website for you, taking care of all the hassle with software updates and backups, as well as including a free SSL certificate, so you can concentrate on running your business. **

Domain Name

This is a fancy name for your website’s address. We can purchase one for you or setup your existing address to point to your new all-singing, all-dancing website.

English or Welsh language

We can set your website up in either English or Welsh. For Ginormous Website’s bi-lingual sites, see our Bolt-Ons section below.

Rich Content

Adding videos, podcasts and music helps create a complete experience for your visitors. Here at Ginormous Websites we can bring all of this together, from the likes of YouTube, PodBean, Soundcloud and more.


We can source professional photography for you or you can supply your own. If you need bespoke photography, see our Bolt-Ons section below.

* If we manage your content, we will levy a monthly fee. Contact us to discuss your needs.

** Hosting included for the first six months. There after we will levy a monthly fee of £10.


Our bolt-ons are tailored to your individual needs and priced accordingly.


Need a shopping cart / basket and listings to sell your products online? No problem we have that covered. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Booking Solutions

Weather you run a restaurant or salon, are a guitar teacher or a swimming instructor; having your customers book online is both convenient for them and for you, saving every one precious time. Bookings can be made on a mobile when out-and-about, or sat in front of a laptop. Easy and quick, our online booking solutions are tailored to exactly what your business needs.

Bespoke Photography

Need bespoke photography of your products, office or people? We can come out and set up a photo session for you with no hassle. We cover the Cardiff and Bristol areas and everywhere in between.

Ginormous Website’s Welsh language options

If you operate in Wales, or have Welsh speaking customers, the inclusion of a Welsh language localisation of your website could give your business the edge. We’re also happy to translate your page content into Welsh.

Ginormous Website’s Branding

Need branding? No problem, we can create logotype, select colourways, typography and imagery to create or refresh your brand, helping you stand out from the crowd. We can even create a set of brand guidelines for your business to ensure your brand’s message is consistent across all media.


Want us to write the copy for your website? No problem, we can get it sorted for you. We’ll ensure we use the correct ‘voice’ of your brand, or we can develop it!

What our clients say

"The website looks great! I can't thank Ginormous enough. Rheidol Records now has a professional website where we can showcase and promote up and coming new artists."
"Ginormous have been fantastic, they have worked with us at every stage to ensure we get the right web design for Slaycorp. One to one training was also provided on the Content Management System (CMS) behind the website, enabling us to write, edit and publish articles at our convenience. Having control of our own content has been extremely liberating!"
"Service is second to none! Can't praise enough, great communication, fast work and delivered exactly what I asked for. Will be using again and again. Thank you."

Why Choose us?

You need a website for your business, but where to start? Getting the right web design for your business and most importantly at the right price, can be very confusing. Quality and pricing can very wildly, with some companies charging thousands of pounds for a basic website! Enter Ginormous Websites. We offer businesses professional web design with all the essentials, and a bit more, for the amazing price of £500.

Ginormous Websites from Ginormous Solutions Limited. Based in Cardiff and Bristol, UK, we have been building websites and mobile apps for over four years and our two founding directors have over 38 years combined experience in the industry. In short, we know what we are doing. So get a brew, put your feet up and we’ll handle everything for you.


Get in-touch to launch your new website project, discuss your specific needs or if you have a question.

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