Ginormous Websites

A professional website for just £500!

So what level of web design do you get for your money?

Your website will have all of these goodies!

No Contract Lock-ins

Unlike some companies we will never lock you in to a contract where you feel you are not able to move your website. You own your website, now and forever.

A Responsive Website

OK, this is web design industry jargon, so what does it actually mean? It means your website will adapt its size and layout, whether on a phone, tablet or computer. At Ginormous Websites we make sure our websites are easy on the eye as well as easy to use.

Manage Your Own Content

You can add / edit your website’s content yourself, hand over to juniors while retaining final sign-off before publishing, or we can handle it all for you. You choose. *


If you choose to manage your own content, we will provide training to get you up and running. Additional training can be provided, contact us to discuss your needs.

Business Email Address

We will setup a business email address of your choice, ensuring that you present a professional face to your customers across the board. Additional email accounts can be added for a small monthly fee.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

To get you up and running on the major search engines, we bake in the right structure and send the search engines what they need, for every website we build.


Web design is more than building a great website, you also have to think about where it’s going to live. We will host your website for you. You also get a free SSL certificate and a Content Management System (CMS) installed as standard, so you can concentrate on running your business. **

Domain Name

This is a fancy name for your website’s address. We can purchase one on your behalf or setup your existing address to point to your new all-singing, all-dancing website.

English or Welsh language

We can set your website up in either English or Welsh. For Ginormous Website’s bi-lingual sites, see our Bolt-Ons section below.

Rich Content

Adding videos, podcasts and music helps create a complete experience for your visitors. Here at Ginormous Websites we can bring all of this together, from the likes of YouTube, PodBean, Soundcloud and more.


We can source professional photography for you or you can supply your own. If you need bespoke photography, see our Bolt-Ons section.

* If we manage your content, we will charge a monthly fee. Contact us to discuss your needs.

** Our hosting includes Web Maintenance+ which provides weekly backups of your site and data. Web Maintenance+ also includes regular software updates to ensure compatibility with browser updates and to keep current with changing security standards. First month free, there after £29 per month.

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