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Our website bolt-ons made for you

Whether you need e-commerce, a booking solution or anything else on your website, we can get it done at a price that won’t break the bank.


Our bolt-ons are tailored to your individual needs and priced accordingly.

SEO Managed Site Ranking

Want to go hard at your search engine rankings? Want potential customers who are ‘Googling’ relevant products or services to see you? We offer a Managed Site Ranking service; which includes keyword research for the products and services you are offering, on and off page content, optimisation and backlinks. We track results and give you a no-jargon report you can understand. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Need a shopping cart / basket and listings to sell your products online? No problem we have that covered. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Booking Solutions

Whether you run a restaurant or salon, are a guitar teacher or a swimming instructor; having your customers book online is both convenient for them and for you, saving every one precious time. Bookings can be made on a mobile when out-and-about, or sat in front of a laptop. Easy and quick, our online booking solutions are tailored to exactly what your business needs.

Membership Programme

A great way to boost your business income and gain the loyalty of your clients, a membership programme allows you to give extra value with giveaways and priority access to your services. We can set up a membership programme on your existing website or as a brand new stand-alone website.


Boost engagement with your customers and prospects, and build your brand in an affordable way. Webinars are becoming a must-have for businesses as their value is increasingly being recognised. We can get your webinar up and running for you, while you sit back and watch your eager audience sign up for the big day.

Bespoke Photography

Need bespoke photography of your products, office or people? We can come out and set up a photo session for you with no hassle. We cover the Cardiff and Bristol areas and everywhere in between.

Ginormous Website’s Welsh language options

If you operate in Wales, or have Welsh speaking customers, the inclusion of a Welsh language localisation of your website could give your business the edge. We’re also happy to translate your page content into Welsh.

Ginormous Website’s Branding

Need branding? No problem, we can create logotype, select colourways, typography and imagery to create or refresh your brand, helping you stand out from the crowd. We can even create a set of brand guidelines for your business to ensure your brand’s message is consistent across all media.


Want us to write the copy for your website? No problem, we can get it sorted for you. We’ll ensure we use the correct ‘voice’ of your brand, or we can develop it!

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